Firefox 3 beta 2 Download Available!


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Firefox 3 beta 2

A month after Firefox 3 beta 1, Mozilla has released Firefox 3 beta 2 and available for download here.

What’s new about Beta 2?

Compared to Beta 1, the Firefox 3 Beta 2 has improved location bar that makea the search result easier to be identified. The results for the location bar are shown in 2 lines: page title and web address, in different colors. The matched keyword is bolded and underlined.

Firefox 3 location bar search
Image: Firefox 3 location bar search

You also notice that the Go button at location bar is hidden until you enter a website address in the location bar.

Firefox 3 beta 2 also has a better search panel that allows you search for history, tags, and bookmarks. You can add as many search rules as you like, and save the search as a dynamic folder, much like Thunderbird’s email search.

For more details, check out Firefox 3 beta 2 review.

Firefox Add-ons on Firefox 3 beta 2

Previously, I complained about the Firefox add-on compatibility on Firefox 3 beta 1. It has been improved on Beta 2. Many popular Firefox add-ons added support to Firefox 3.

For incompatible add-ons, I use Nightly Tester Tool to force them work with Firefox 3 and they work!

Now, I can stick with Firefox 3 beta, instead of switching back to Firefox 2. :)

download here.