Unbox Apple iMac 24-inch 2.8GHz


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I bought an Apple iMAc 24-inch 2.8GHz desktop computer during the PC Fair 2008 (II) from Machines. I had unboxed the iMac in the night of the day I bought it.

It is HUGE! I didn’t know how to get the iMac out of the box. At the end, I turned the box upside down to get it out. (dangerous movement!)

Here are the photos taken (uploaded to Flickr):

unbox apple imac 24-inch

There are only a few items contained in the iMac box: Apple iMac, Apple slim keyboard, Apple mighty mouse and Apple remote.

There is no Mac OS X beginner guide like Apple iBook box, only a small “Everything Mac” booklet which tells you the features of your iMac and the problem troubleshooting.

Apple isn’t trouble free. I experienced iMac screen “burn”/blackout and system hang problems in just a few days.

It seems the iMac’s heat caused the various problems. I installed a freeware called smcFanControl and everything become all right!