YourOwnBux v4.0 Nulled


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YourOwnBux v4.0 Nulled


([-])------]-! NEW FEATURES !-[------>>

- Added a ban IP system, with add/remove/edit banned ip features in admin panel

- Added a news system with add/remove/edit news features in admin panel

- Added a cheat check in the edit users section, if the user has more than one account it will blink in red to tell you

- Added a forum link to the config page, so you dont need to add a seperate link, you can change it from the admin panel

- Added an option to turn the link to the forum off, if you dont use forums you can select to turn it off from the admin panel and it wont display the link

- Added an add user system so you can manually add a user

- Added a "give referrals to user" system, where you can give unreferred users to a member without them having to order them

- Added Premium Only advertisements

- Added Highlighted and Bold links(in both kind of ads- Premium and Standard)

- Adsense manager, you can add your adsense/bidvertiser code to the main page from the admin panel, you can also turn it on or off

- Bot Detection feature to detect possible bots

- Mass email, send a mass email to all your users

- Added a Reply button in the administration contact section, so you can reply the users contact request, and they receive this reply in their own email inbox.

- List Administrators, list all your admins without searching to ensure no one has performed a sql exploit and made themselves an admin

- Convert to premium membership, users can convert their balance to a premium membership automatically

- Added a splash screen with a workload overview to the admin panel, showing how many upgrade requests, advertiser requests there is, and site stats

- Added a timer change option in administration, so you can change the ad timer seconds easily.

- Added aNew way to view ads, as this way is not popular, you can prevent users earning money by cheating

- Added a "Forgot your Password" link, uses a sha1 encripted hash, and this is received into the registrated email

- Fixed the dates to show the correct date in the correct format instead of tons of numbers

- The users can select from over 190 in a dropdown box when they signup at your site

- Added IPN: you need to activate the bussiness account before use this function, and be sure of having the alertpay encripted code at installation

- Upgrades are automatic after the user payment

- And a lot of new Features

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