Create a Hidden Account in Windows XP


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Do you want to create an Account that nobody can see? Alright Today I am going to teach you how to create a Hidden Account in Windows XP.

Since we are going to do all the Editing in Window Registry it is Recommended to Back Up the Registry before going Further.

After you have Backed up your registry follow the Steps to Create your Hidden Account:

  • First Goto Start -> Run -> Type regedit -> Enter
  • In the Left Menu goto,


  • In the Right pane, Right click -> New -> String Value
  • Right click on the new String Value and click Rename
  • Type the Name of the Account you want to hide.
  • Hit Enter then Right click on the String Value again and Change value to 0 which hides it. If you want it to be Visible to all Enter the Value 1.
  • Now Save and Exit the Registry and Logoff.
  • Goto welcome screen and Hit ctrl+alt+del twice to bring up Logon prompt
  • Type hidden Accounts name and password
  • Enjoy!!!