Hacking Folder Lock/Folder Security


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hacking folder lock

Want to see the content locked by folder lock,folder security
and other softwares.

want to bypass the restiction of folder lock to view files placed in LOCKER

Want to hack folder security.

Its very easy for a desi hacker.

First let me explain the working of such softwares.

When ever we store any thing on to harddrive its file or folder entry is
made into the FAT table on the harddrive.

When ever we use explorer to view our folder the FAT table is loaded
into the RAM

Now the FAT table is loaded by the Operating System and if a folder or
file is locked under Folder LOck,Folder Security then such entry is removed
from the RAM when FAT is loaded and hence in the absense of the Entey in
the RAM such Folder is not shown in to the explorer.

When you install Folder Lock or Folder Security then it make entry in the
Registry of the current OS Thus it works well when the Same OS is Running.

Now the CRUX of the trick is that the software installed is patched with the
OS on which it was installed.

If that OS is not running then there will be no effect of the Folder LOCk on
the FAT table loaded onto the RAM.

So guys if you want to see the Locked content then just install a new windows
into other drive and run that window OS.

Now the restiction of FOLDER LOCk wont be there and you can View the LOCKER
folder which was hidden first.

The tick works well if the content is not encrypted via Folder Lock.