online tools and cms to create a site like digg facebook


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How to create a website like digg or facebook.These are the questions asked by many people in yahoo answers, etc.So i plan to give the write solution for these question.Here i collected some online tools and content management system(cms) to create a website like digg,facebook.

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Want to create a website like digg?.Here is the solution for that….

Corank is a online tool to create a website like digg.You need to create a account and start bookmark your favourite sites.

Fraxi is a online to tool to create a website like digg.This powered by pligg .

Reddit is a popular social bookmarking site ,which provide it user to create a individual reddits and you can share you favourite links.

Pligg is content management system which help people to create their own digg based site in their independent server.You create a digg based site with customised templates.

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