What is SMTP Server?


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What is SMTP Server?

STMP (Simple Male Transfer Protocol) is used for transfer emails. If you are using Microsoft Outlook or any email client for sending emails then you will use your ISP's SMTP server for sending emails, like you will type mail.yourISPdomain.com as your outgoing or SMTP server. But remember first email will deliver to your ISP's server then it will deliver to the destination. If you want to deliver directly your emails to the destination without using your ISPs SMTP server then you should configure your Windows 2000/XP as your own little SMTP server. It is much simple.

Control Panel
Add/Remove Programs
Add/Remove Windows Components (at left side)
Internet Information Services (IIS)
and finaly check on SMTP Service

After these steps Windows will ask Windows CD, Insert the Windows Disk in CD-ROM. It will install SMTP services in your Windows.

Now you can use your Windows as SMTP server. Goto your Outlook settings and change your SMTP/Out going server into localhost or

Enjoy your own SMTP server.