Excellent To-Do list Manager for Mac Users


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Backboard is an excellent Mac OS X application that works both as Stickies and To-do list manager. That's right, it not only allows you to write reminder notes on your screen but you can also note down your important tasks which need to be done. Its a perfect tool for collecting notes and important information for your upcoming events.

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With Backboard, you can easily edit the date and text of any specific task or reminder. Similarly you can manage your notes, add Backpack accounts and set preferences. Priority of a task can be set at 3 different levels which are low, normal and high.

Once you're done with writing your tasks and reminders, you also get the option to search them by their text or page name. You can then add or edit these items across all Backboard pages. After you downloaded the file, open it and drag the containing Backboard application into your application folder.

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