Game Ceation / Making resources for Non Programmer Part 4


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Engines/Authorware for Non-Programmers

  • Sphere RPG engine specialized for making 2D, console-style RPGs, similar to Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star (WIN)
  • Stagecast create multi-level games, mazes, puzzles and simulations for the Web, using the mouse to demonstrate what you want each character to do(MAC/WIN)
  • StoryHarp Audioventure Authoring System adds the dimension of voice to interactive fiction development (WIN95/NT)
  • StoryLand create Cooperative stories, using only a WEB browser
  • StorySprawl a site devoted to the creation of hyperfiction
  • SUDS adventure game system which combines the content and feel of a text adventure game with the point-and-click style of Windows (WIN)
  • TADS text adventure development system (DOS/WIN/MAC/Amiga/AtariST/OS2/Acorn)
  • ThinBASIC Adventure Builder Interactive Fiction creator
  • ToonTalk - Making Programming Child's Play build and run all sorts of computer programs (WIN)
  • VERGE a role-playing game creation system (DOS)
  • Visionaire2d (English Version) software that enables you to create your own adventure game without even having experience in a programming language
  • WinPAW windows version of the Professional Adventure Writer (PAW)(WIN)
  • Wintermute Engine a set of tools for creating and running graphical adventure games(WIN)
  • World Builder create your own adventure games (MAC)

  • Graphics, Muscis, Spirit Coming now