Game Ceation / Making resources for Non Programmer Part 2


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Engines/Authorware for Non-Programmers

  • 2D Shooter Game Creator The 2D shooter game creator will let YOU create your own games, in the style of classic lightgun games, e.g. Time Crisis
  • 3D Adventure Studio an editor for creating adventure games in style of Gabriel Knight 3 (WIN)
  • 3DCakeWalk allows the development of commercial quality games with all the "state of art" features you will find in today's leading games
  • 3D Game Engine alpha release of an unfinished 3D game engine (DOS/GNU/Linux)
  • The 3D Game Maker point & click 3D game creator (Win)
  • 3D Game Studio produce 3D realtime applications - demos, adventures, role playing, action, advertising, or racing games - without programming skills (WIN)
  • 3D Rad a programmable, user-friendly, 3D real-time engine (WIN)
  • Abstract RTS Engine An RTS engine under development intended for user-produced rules, AI, and media modules (mods)
  • ADePT adventure developing and playing toolkit
  • ADRIFT a simple, yet powerful IF game designer (WIN)
  • Adventure Book CYOA creator
  • Adventure Builder text adventure authoring system (DOS/WIN)
  • AdventurEd system in development for creating graphical adventure games (Amiga)
  • Adventure Game Engine engine for creating graphical first-person adventure games with full support for inventory, save/load games, inventory, puzzles, conversations, full motion video, cutscenes (WIN)
  • Adventure Game Studio make your own point and click adventure games without programming; recently rewritten, now supports the standard Sierra interface as well as the LucasArts interface. Very nice. WIN)
  • Adventure Maker free toolkit to creat point-and-click software for Windows and PSP without programming(Win/PSP)
  • AGAST Adventure Game Authoring System to create and play your own graphic adventure games like those from LucasArts and Sierra On-line (WIN)
  • AGT Adventure Game Toolkit for creating text adventures with graphics and sound (DOS)