Microsoft OFFICE 2010


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Microsoft planned to release it’s next office suite, MS Office 2010 Beta 1 by the mid of next year and in order to allow some interested people to try their hands on MS Office beta version, Microsoft started online registration to preview MS Office beta 2010 Technical preview. But unfortunately, like Windows 7 Release Candidate, this version got leaked and now your can download it on your computer. Many reputed torrent sites launched it on their sites and just to make this release popular, huge seeders joined together to provide as much download speed as possible.

You can download whole Microsoft Office 2010 (Beta v14.0.4006.1010) x86 and x64 set up files from torrent sites. This is yet to find that who leaked Office 2010 Technical Preview 1 (TP 1) to torrent sites, but many people have already downloaded MS office torrent files. Remember that this is not the final version and it’s just the trail version that was about to be given to those people who registers for Microsoft Office 2010 Beta technical preview online.

Here are the Screen Shoots of the MS OFFICE 2010

This set up file includes MS word 2010, MS PowerPoint 2010, MS Publisher 2010,
MS Excel 2010, MS OneNote 2010, MS InfoPath 2010, MS Outlook 2010, MS Excel 2010
etc. Microsoft Office 2010 Beta 1 supports Windows XP SP3, Vista and Windows 7.
MS office 2010 beta. Enjoy yourself to install at your pc!