Website Layout Maker Ultra Edition v2.4.4.0


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Website Layout Maker is a program for make a website. It's not just program, it's totally new paradigm itself.
There is 3 big reasons why we need to choose Website Layout Maker. First, Most of HTML-editor and website making tools have separated mode for make a website. And those programs need to see preview after make a website.
But Website Layout Maker makes a website with real-time preview. You don't need execute web-browser after make a website. Second, the website made by Website Layout Maker provides uniform to most common web-browsers. So, you can save your valuable times to test compatibility with various web-browsers. Third, Website Layout Maker was made a concept of layout based div. You will experience powerful features with Website Layout Maker.
Main Features:
� Create a website easily with powerful layout tool
� Support drag and drop when editing layouts
� Each layout based div tag - easy to understand and edit
� Generate CSS style for shape and operation
� Provides powerful background options for each layout
� Provides powerful border options for each layout
� Provides more detail options for each layout
� Provides various pre-made themes
� Provides dynamic preview for better design
� Provides uniform for the most common browsers
� The HTML codes of layout are based standard div spec