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ayaram Krishnaswamy, "Beginners Guide to SQL Server Integration Services Using Visual Studio 2005"
Publisher: Packt Publishing | Number Of Pages: 320 | 2007-12-22 | 4.78 MB | PDF| ISBN: 1847193315

Sql Server Integration Services with the acronym SSIS is a comprehensive ETL tool that made its debut with SQL Server 2005. It is a tool tightly integrated with the Visual Studio 2005 having all the functionalities that its forerunner DTS (Data Transformation Services) had in SQL Server 2000. This does not mean that it is just an improvement over DTS but a product which is totally different with a vastly improved interface; an extensible architecture; an enlarged tool set; ease of integration with other SQL Server Tools such as Analysis Services; capable of supporting connectivity with third party databases and bringing into a central location many database management tasks.