Brain Net Ads


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Brain NET offers cost-per-click ads system that served on your blog and websites. These Ads are pretty similar to the Google Ads, what anyone has do is go to the website of the Brain Net and register for the Ads. This is totally free and amazing think is that you will receive payments in PKR, when your account reach up to 1000 PKR you will receive 1st payment from the Brain Net.
You will also receive an account opening bonus PKR: 50 from the Brain Net as reward. An interesting think is you can also add your own keyword in the ads code that will make your ad more visible.

Like Google Adsense Brain Net also have an policy that each and every click you are getting for your ads are gone through so many verification procedures and it will be counted only if it is identified as a legitimate click. Brain NET Ads fraudulent click tracking system is will identify all invalid/repeated clicks as well as fraudulent publisher clicks.