Say No To Google Ads Under Menu And Drop Down Links


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Its been a long time I am using Google Adsense. I lost my Google Adsense account once but luckily got it back. You can read this story on DevilsWorkshop that how I got my Adsense account back in 14 days. If you use Google Adsense service, you should read its TOS first and then move further. I was reading the Google Adsense blog today and was shocked to read that we cannot place Google Ads :

a) In close proximity to Macromedia Flash games
b) Under pop-ups or download prompts
c) Near site navigation controls on your pages, such as drop-downs or menu links
Google says that they do not want accidental clicks on their ads but they want that users should only click on Google ads in which they’re interested. Below is the screenshot of the actual wording on their blog :
click on the image to enlarge
I’ll explain the 3 points in brief :
1) Flash Games : As flash games requires mouse clicks, so Google warned users to place Ads in flash games as users can click on ads accidentally.
2) Downloads : You cannot put Google ads near downloads.

3) Site Navigation : You cannot put Google Ads under menu links and drop down menu.
I’ve also placed the text ads under Menu Links. I was a bit confused today what to do. Should I remove the ads or not ? I searched the Adsense blog and at last found a solution.
Solution :
The bottom line is that we are allowed to put Google ads under menu links. For example you can see Labnol and DevilsWorkshop blog.
These are the acceptable formats. Some more example of acceptable formats are :
image credits : AdsenseBlog
Now we move on to some unacceptable formats of placing ads :
If a drop down menu link gets over the Google ads, then its an unacceptable format of placing ad because a user can click on Ad accidentally. For more clarification have a look at the image below :
image credits : AdsenseBlog
If you are using the above ad format please remove it as soon as possible because Google will not give you another chance.