Sprint LG Lotus 2 with touchscreen face?


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Sprint LG Lotus 2 with touchscreen face? Be honest: the first time you saw the somewhat-short, somewhat-stout LG Lotus, did you think it would be successful enough to get a sequel? Looks like it was.

One of our sources just spilled the beans on what we’re tentatively calling the “Lotus 2″, for lack of a better name. It’s sounding a whole lot like the original so far, with just a few little tweaks thrown in for good measure.

Here’s what we’re hearing:

* Very similar form factor to the original – same square shape, same QWERTY keyboard
* This model will support 32GB microSD cards, whereas the original Lotus only supported up to 12GB.
* Tentative launch date is currently set for some time in January.
* The screen on the outer face will still be there – but this time around, it’ll be a touchscreen. We’re not sure how much functionality they’ll be able to squeeze into a touchscreen of that size (even if they bump the screen size up to fill most of the face), so we’re guessing it’s more for novelty than anything.