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It was very hard for me to believe that in this busy  world, anyone has time for visiting a particular blog only for invalid clicks and that too for 14 days continuously until I got an email yesterday from one our readers Kshitij who said that from the past 2 weeks he is getting invalid clicks. The difference in the number of clicks has been increased to 99%. He asked me what to do ?
Usually we get invalid click for a day or two or three, but if you are getting such clicks continuously for a long time it means that something fishy is going on.

Why this happens :

1. When you tell about Adsense to your friends and tell them how you earn thousands from your blog/site.
2. When you share your income on your blog/site. Well, according to me do not ever share your Adsense income on your blog. I don’t feel any need of it. I have seen some Bloggers doing that but its a risky game as someone out of jealous can start clicking on your ads and let your account ban.
3. Always treat your visitors as your guests and you should respect them. You can get invalid clicks when you use any harsh language or try to insult any of your visitor. Try to show your readers that you are very helpful and kind in nature.

Solution :

If you are in such a situation, I recommend you to write a letter to Google via Online Appeal Form.Tell them about the details like when was the first time you noticed invalid clicks and in this way create a report and send it to Google.
Note : Google reads all your emails for sure and you will definitely get a reply.