Window Phone


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Already known for his works designer Seunghan Song has presented next concept of a mobile phone – Window Phone.
The idea of phone in the form of a window has come to the author mind after the next error of meteorologists’ error when instead of the promised clear day behind a window poured a rain.
Concept represents completely transparent phone which display symbolizes a windowpane and displays current weather. This “Window Phone” should be absolutely transparent. But it is only in good sunny weather.

In other cases, it can be hardly steamy (when it is a fog), all in drops (when a rain), in hoarfrost (when it is a glaze ice).

The mode of hand-written SMS on the steamy glass can be caused also by blowing on the display.

The only fault in this phone is that its appearance, if should be, will be absolutely not fast. The concept will be hardly realized in the real device.