Wordpress Social Poster - get thousands of daily visitors!


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It's name is WP Social Traffic and what it does is sending each new post you make to the most famous social services.

This practically means instant traffic to your blog as soon as you make a new post, helping it to become famous in a few seconds. To understand how effective it is, here are some stats:

A new blog I created last month was getting around around 50-100 unique daily visitors. Although I was updating it often, this was not changing.

On Thursday June 18 (this Thursday) I created and installed this plugin... You can see how the stats jumped suddenly. Now I get 700-900 unique daily visitors and it is still rising. Also, the visits from search engine spiders have increased from 20-30 to 300-500 daily.


10-15x more visitors and spiders in just 3 days.

And the best thing is that after autoposting to Twitter, lot of other blog owners are now finding my posts and linking to them.

In only 3 days I got more than 80 original backlinks from other blogs and forums to my blog posts. Before installing the plugin, I had no backlinks at all.
With its turn, this had as a result that many of my posts got a high rank at Google search results (some appear on the 1st page, just 1 hour after posting them to my blog). This was not happening for a whole month before installing the plugin, although I was updating my blog with the same frequency.


The installation and configuration is very easy and takes only 1 minute:

Open the file wpsocialtraffic.php with your favorite text editor. Change the
$twitter_username, $twitter_password, $tumblr_email, $tumblr_password to match the credentials of your accounts on the relevant social bookmarking services.

Now save the file wpsocialtraffic.php and upload it to your wp-content/plugins directory.

Visit your Wordpress Dashboard and activate the WP Social Traffic Plugin.
You are ready!

Every new post you publish from now on, will be sent to Delicious, Twitter, Tumblr and Diigo.

Good luck and enjoy your continuously increasing traffic!