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Facebook has introduced many changes in user’s homepages layout and claim that it will make the home page more “real time”. Many people think Facebook has done so to compete with twitter that is getting more and more famous with every new event taking place. Twitter is getting popular because of “real time” updates and breaking news.

Now, these changes in Facebook are not welcomed by majority of its users. Some polls are showing 94% of Facebook users did not like the changes. It is mostly because Facebook user’s homepages are messed up now and users have no control what so ever to redo changes or change the page layout but here is an easy way to get the same old Facebook layout (well almost same) that we all love.

Change back to old Facebook Layout

To get the almost same old Facebook layout (2 columns with full square-shaped profile picture), all you need to do is to install two user scripts on Firefox.
Remember you should have Greasemonkey addon for Firefox if you do not already have it to run these scripts. After installing both of above scripts you will get almost same old Facebook layout. Here is a profile layout after installing these scripts.

Well that is how close you can go to the old Facebook layout