Automatically create online backups of your USB flash drive


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I normally don’t write about gadgets on this blog unless I find something really useful. Today I ran across a USB flash drive that create automatic online backups of any file copied to the drive! I usually backup important files on my computer to a USB flash drive because I feel that it’s going to be safe.

But now you can be even safer because the Titanium Plus USB flash drive from SanDisk makes data loss virtually impossible! The new drive offers automatic and seamless online backup option with device password protection and hardware AES encryption so you can easily access your files on the device or online.

If your device is stolen or lost, the password security and encryption will prevent anyone from being able to access and view your files.

sandisk titanium cruzer plus

This nifty little USB drive also has some other cool features in it that make it way better than a normal USB drive. Along with the online backup service and hardware encryption, the Titanium flash drive allows you to restore accidentally deleted files (as long as it was less than 30 days old and the drive is not full) and has a lost and found service installed by default.

The online backup service is free for 6 months, but you have to subscribe to the lost and found service. The online backup service is $30 per year after that. The USB drive is also extremely rugged and has a crush resistant metal case (it can handle something like 2000 lbs and still work!).

The Titanium series also has other flash drives, including the Titanium Flash Drive with Skype installed. Using this flash drive, you can make free PC to PC audio or video calls from any computer in the world. Users can take their Skype accounts and contacts with them anywhere, anytime!


All of the Cruzer drives have the new U3 software installed, which makes it possible to load all sorts of applications onto the drive. And U3 applications work with any PC using Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, or 2000.

Basically, SanDisk is doing for you what you can already do with software like Portable Apps, which I had written about earlier and allows you to run your favorite applications like Firefox and OpenOffice directly from a flash drive.

Anyone have one of these SanDisk Titanium flash drives yet? If so, post a comment and let us know how you like it. Enjoy!