Fun With Google


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Well its time for you kiddies to sit down and learn about google!
As we all know google search is one of the most used search engine in the world, this is because of its power and speed. A basic search can be expanded with commands alowing you to find almost anything you wont.

Lets start Simple. Like you!

Basic Commands in Google

The In Commands. These commands can be extended by adding all at the beging (ex: allinurl, allintitle, allintext) this allows you to have multiple keywords.

inurl : Will limit your search to the url specified.

intitle : Will limit your search to sites with the specified Keyword in the title.

intext : Will limit your search to to sites with the specified keyword in the text.

The others.

filetype : Will limit your search to specified file extension.

* : The magical Wild Card

- : Exclude a word from your search results

+ : Word should occur a lot in results

"" : Search Result must contain all words enclosed ("george bush is a cunt" 167 results, not bad)

. : Allows only one charcter between the keywords

OK we have some commands let see what we can do with them!

Lets limit our search to all sites that have an open directory


Holy mother of god 85 million + results, thats a lot of shit to filter threw.

lets narrow down our search a little bit, we will look for.... some ones .... porn collection!?!

intitle:index.of intext:porn

YAY 100 thousand + open porn folders have been found by booble. There you go, you've completed your first basic search with commands... thow your probly off doing somehthing else right now HEY EVERY TIME YOU DO THAT GOD KILLS A KITTEN!!!??!?!

A MORE DEFINED SEARCH - Modern Day Dumpster Diving (oh how i miss the old days!)

Ok as we all know Micro$oft Office is way over used, but thats cool it makes our life easyer, lets have a look at some fun accounting terms.


thats anough idea's

Time for filetype Search's!
filetype:xls inurl:".xls"

filetype:QDF QDF

^ finds Quicken files (Quicken is an accounting program!)

The problem with this type of search is that well, education servers are for some reason a VERY PUBLIC so a lot of the results will be examples, but some times you get a nice little nugget of information.

On of my favourite searches is

"not for distribution" confidential

Lets look for Movies!

intitle:index.of "mpeg|avi|wmv|mov"

Common insecure webcam search's
inurl:indexFrame.shtml Axis

intitle:"my webcamXP server!" inurl:":8080"

Well im sure your search's are becoming more entertaining now, as you can probly tell this tutorial is very haphazard and designed to give you an idea of google and its power. Go out and have some fun do some search'es and remmber that even thow private data is freely available online its still private!

If you have any questions, post them here and ill try and answer them.