Role of Meta tags in Search Engine Optimization


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There is a need to concentrate first our word “meta” rather than meta tags to clear the concepts. If your concepts are clear then you will come to know the real importance of meta tags.

Meta Data
The Meta Data is a data that defines other data. Yeah its work like dictionary, in dictionary we have different words that defines the meaning with the help of other words, same is meta data. Meta Data defines other Data.

Meta Tags and Search Engine Optimization
Meta Tags were very famous in the eyes of Search Engine, in the beginning search engine give high priority to meta tags and then other factors for seo to rank the webpage but now scene is different. Still meta tag is very important for seo but now it doesn’t have same weight age that it had in past. MSN considers meta tags very much than other search engines. Google and yahoo want other factors too for search engine optimization and then they give each factor normally same weight age.

Meta tag plays important role for building the PR of webpage. You must place your keywords in the meta tags in order to better optimize your website.

Whenever any user performs any search in google then google displays the lists of website having. Google displays the websites according to a standard and the standard is to display the title of homepage of your website as a hyperlink and then display the description that you provided in the meta tags as a text under that hyperlink. Hence proof that meta tags are very important but it is foolishness to just rely over meta tags and don’t perform any On Page or Off page Optimization.

Attributes of Meta Tags
There are two main attributes of meta tags that are playing vital role in seo process and they are “Keywords and Description”.
Syntax of Meta Tags

meta content="description of the webpage comes here" name="description"

meta content="first keyword, second keyword, third keyword" name="keywords"
Try to use three to four keywords in meta keywords tag and one to two keywords in description tag. Don’t use heavy description. You can use maximum of 100 characters for better seo purpose. You can also use Keyword Phrases in your meta keywords tag.

There are some more meta tags other than keywords and description but these are not fruitful for seo purpose, so ignore them. Meta title tag is also included in these other meta tags, some seo expert says that you must use this meta tags while some says not to use this. I also recommend not using this meta tag as there is already a title placed in the head tag of html, so optimize that title tag and try to use maximum of two keywords there.