Social Bookmarks and their importance in seo campaign


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What are Bookmarks?

Sometimes during the surfing of different websites in internet you like some websites and then save these websites in your favorites as a bookmark. Whenever you want to access those websites you just go to the favorites folder and then click over that particular website that you want to access. Normally when you bookmark any website to favorites folder then during this process the title of that website is visible in Name: textbox and by default the Create In: field contains the path of your favorites folder, you can organize that website over folders that you made in favorites folder for categorizing the website in order to quickly easy access the website of particular category.

Example:- You are reading the article related to search engine optimization so if you like this article or blog then you also wish to save this in your favorites folder for easy access at next time, it also prevents you to learn the url of the website, so you will click over favorites menu and click over Add to favorites and then its up to you where you place the website, but I refer you to make new folder and name it as seo and then save this website there and every time when you like any website that is related to seo then save that website too in seo folder located in your favorites in order to categorize the website.

Tip: - Always save your website in relevant folder in favorites folder.

So this is all about the bookmarks but what are the social bookmarks.

What are Social Bookmarks?

A social bookmarking website is the website where a user can save his/her favorite bookmarks that can be accessible from any computer connect to the web from any place. The need of doing this is that you can access your favorite website from any where, not from only your pc.

How can I add my favorite websites in Social Bookmarks websites?

For this you will have to make you account in any website that is giving you free service of social bookmarks. Create your account, for example you make your account in StumbleUpon (A very famous social bookmarks website), after creating the account in StumbleUpon you will read a message their to download the toolbar of StumbleUpon. You will have to download and install the toolbar of StumbleUpon and you will see that particular toolbar under the address bar of internet explorer. Now whenever you connect yourself to internet, first connect yourself to StumbleUpon from StumbleUpon tool bar and then whatever website you like just click over add to stumble, if that website is never ever added to stumble upon then you will get a popup window, there you will provide the description and title of your website and from categories put that website in StumbleUpon category so that other users at stumble upon can access that website too by following the category. Same procedure offers other Social Bookmarking websites.
The social bookmarking websites provides user option to make bookmarks private or public.

Role of Social Bookmark in better search engine optimization

As you know back-links are very important in seo process. Social Bookmark is a good SEO tool for you to get more back link and higher PR.

Social Bookmarks also brings you traffic to your website.

Some Popular Social Bookmarking websites