Web Directories influence in Seo Process


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Web directory allows any person to submit his website by selecting appropriate category so that users can visit that website. Basically web directory is a series of Web Pages, categorizing links to other websites. The websites that are displayed by web directory are not indexed by any search engine robots, infect all sites that are indexed are submitted by users. Web Directory is also called Link Directory. It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. Directories have various types of listings, often dependent upon the price paid for inclusion:
Free Submission – No charges for review and listing of the site
Paid Submissions - a one-time or recurring fee is charged for reviewing/listing the submitted link
Reciprocal Link - a link back to the directory must be added somewhere on the submitted site in order to get listed in the directory
No Follow - there is a rel="nofollow" attribute associated with the link, meaning search engines will not follow the link and will not able to check any website link placed in the web directory
Featured Listing - the link is given a premium position in a category (or multiple categories) or other sections of the directory, such as the homepage
Bid for Position - where sites are ordered based on bids
Affiliate links - where the directory earns commission for referred customers from the listed websites

Types of Web Directories
There are normally two types of web directories, one of them is Human-edited directories and other one is Bid for Position directories.

Human-edited Directories
A human-edited directory is created and maintained by editors who add links based on the terms and policies particular to that directory. SEOs normally targeted these directories as links from any reputable source will improve their raking in the search engines. Some web directories may prevent search engine from rating a displayed link by using redirects, no follow attributes or other techniques. It’s become now common routine for SEO guy to submit his site to the web directories to get vital back-links and improve his website position in Search Engine.

Bid for Position directories
Bid for Position directories or also known as bidding web directories, are paid-for-inclusion web directories where the listings of websites in the directory are ordered according to their bid amount. They are special in that the more a person pays the higher up the list of websites in the directory they go. If your website is highly listed then it is maximum chance that your website will be visited by user. In other words, it’s all about Money. You have to spend some Money in order to get some Money.

Process of submitting website to the web directory

You just go to the web directory, select any category that is related to your website and then submit your website. After that editor checks your website that u submitted against any category and then its up to editor whether he/she accepts or rejects your website depends upon some criteria according to web directory.

Steps must be in your mind while submitting your site to the web directories

1)Make sure that your website is ready and must be ready 100 percent with no broken link in any of the page. Good web design and fast loading pages having lot of content.

2)Select appropriate category while submitting your website to the web directory. If you have any confusion simply put your keywords in the search area and then performs the search process and from the results of search process you will come to know the categories which are directly related to your website (Most of the web directories not give such facility).

3)Before submitting the website it is very satisfactory to read first the terms and conditions of the web directory. Follow their instructions to have your website listed in their database.

4)While Submitting your website , please describe your website openly that for which purpose your website is, because you cannot optimize your website in the web directory using alt tags, heading tags or other seo techniques to get listed. So description of your website is very important part during the website submission in the web directory.

Most Popular Web Directories

Yahoo is the very popular and very powerful web directory so far. So you must submit your website to the yahoo in order to get high traffic. Please visit dir.yahoo.com/ if you want to submit your website.

The largest directory of the web.Lycos, AOL Search, AltaVista and HotBot feature Open Directory categories within their results pages. As ODP is now the directory listing source for many search engines, so you must have to submit your website too in DMOZ. Its open content is mirrored at many sites, including the Google Directory so without any delay submit your website at Dmoz. Please visit www.dmoz.org/ if you want to submit your website.

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