10 Useful Google Chrome Tips And Tricks


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You have enjoyed Google’s browser experience and speed that Chrome has to offer. It is time to dig more about Chrome and see what you can do to make Chrome more users friendly. Here I am sharing some tips on how you can get a rich user experience while using Google Chrome.

Search from URL bar

Chrome does not have a search bar like Firefox. To perform search in Chrome, simply type search phrase in URL bar and hit Enter. Chrome will perform a Google research for your phrase.

Change omnibox suggestion count

By default Chrome shows 5 URL suggestions when you type a URL.

In Windows right click on Chrome shortcut icon and select properties. In the Target field, add this command line switch to the end of command.

Change Chrome Theme

If you want to change the Chrome default theme to personalize it more, here are easy steps to change Chrome theme

  • Download a Chrome theme
  • Extract the default.dll file
  • Navigate to Chrome installation directory and go to /Application/Chrome/Version/Theme folder. The chrome version will be in the form of Replace the default.dll file in the folder with the default.dll that you extracted.
  • This will change Chrome theme.

Download Youtube video in Chrome

This tip will allow you to download a youtube video in Chrome without using any additional software or file. In the Chrome press “Ctrl+B” which will load the bookmark bar. Right click on bar and click “Add Page”. In the name bar type Youtube Videos or whatever you want to name it. In the URL field copy and paste following code.

javascript:window.location.href=’http://youtube.com/get_video?video_id=’ + swfArgs['video_id'] + “&l=” + swfArgs['l'] + “&sk=” + swfArgs['sk'] + ‘&fmt_map’ + swfArgs['fmt_map'] + ‘&t=’ + swfArgs['t'];

Now go to Youtube and watch any video, click the Youtube Videos bookmarklet and it will save the video on your computer (remember to add .flv extension to video).

Zoom in/out

If you find the font of text is too big or too small to read, you can adjust it to your liking in Chrome by pressing “Ctrl+Mousewheel”.

Drag and drop a tab to load in a new window

If you have more than one tab, you can drag and drop the tab on menu bar to open it in a new window.

Chrome’s easter egg

The easter egg appears if you type about:internets in the address bar but this only works in XP and not in Vista.

Special “about:” URLs

Chrome has some special about: URLs. Try writing these in address bar.

  • about:
  • about: cache
  • about: crash
  • about: dns
  • about: hang
  • about: histograms
  • about: network
  • about: plugins
  • about: memory
  • about: stats
  • about:version

Edit any web page

Right click an html page and select “inspect element”. Edit the hetml code and hit return, it will show you the changes you made.

Delete cookies in Chrome

Go to Tools > Options > under the hood. Scroll down to the security section and click show cookies. Now you can click on remove all or remove individual cookies.