How To Clear Browsing History In Firefox


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If you are sharing a computer with other users, you may want to delete internet browsing history of your session. If you want to clear all private data that Firefox records during your browser usage, here is a simple method to delete all of your private data (history) of using internet in Firefox.

Delete A Few Websites From Firefox History

If you want to delete one two or a few website from browser history that you visited, use this method. Press Ctrl+H to open browser history in Firefox sidebar. Type name of site in search box to search the website from history that you want to delete, right click on site address and select “forget about this site”.

This option allows you to delete entire top level domain (e.g. or a sub domain (e.g.

Clear History From The Last Hour

Use this option if you want to clear last hour web browsing history. It gives you option to delete last hour, last two hours, last 4 hours, the whole day browsing history in Firefox. Press Ctrl+Shift+Del in Firefox to open “clear recent history” window.

This option is best to use since it leaves all old history in browser history so that you can access sites quickly that you often visit.

Browse Safely In Firefox

Here you go, if you do not want to take risk of deleting history activate the private browsing mode in Firefox by typing about:privatebrowsing in address bar of browser (alternatively choose private browser from tools menu).

This is safest option to use since you are not allowing Firefox to record any web browsing activity during your internet use. The best part is that this option automatically turns off when you close Firefox.