Best Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets


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Vista clock gadget

An improved version of vista clock gadget is now available with more options and better animation. Some features include.
  • show options for digital clock/ day option/ date option
  • Improved hours, minutes, seconds hands animations.
  • Cronometer skin option added.
  • Improve color and fonts for all skins.
  • Uses less CPU resources than any other clock gadget.

Remove drive safely

A very handy gadget to help you removing your USB, SATA, eSATA drives (safely remove hardware tool). Double click to explore a running drive. Some options available to set the sounds of when a drive is plugged in or plugged out.

Password shield

Password shield protect your passwords from other users. The tools allow you to have different passwords for all applications and websites. Passwords are protected through encryption. Tools can be locked on given interval of time.

USA today RSS

Breaking news on weather, world, science, financial, technology, travel, national, economy and entertainment news provided by

XBOX cheat search

The easiest and smart way to search XBOX 360 cheats. A very good gadget for XBOX users.

Domain name search

Simple domain name search powered by GoDaddy so if you want to search for available domain names, look no further.

Rapidshare search gadget

Search files from Rapidshare in this gadget in your Windows sidebar. File searching on your desktop was never this easy. You can search files on Rapidshare and then download them easily now, no need of rapidshare search engines.

Flickr photo search

Searches for photos on Flickr through this gadget. You can easily search for photos on flickr without being on Flicker site.

Wikipedia search

Wikipedia search through this gadget on your desktop. Results are displayed in browser. Multi language support options through settings.

Facebook sidebar gadget

you can easily receive messages from your facebook friends, requests, invites and pokes to your desktop. It also allows you to edit your status. A great sidebar gadget for facebook users.