Download Top 5 Free Portable Software


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Here is a list of 5 portable softwares (software that are suitable for use on a portable drive including USB (thumb) drive, ipod, portable hard disks, palm PDA etc ). These software do not require any type of installation and can run from a portable device.

VLC Media Player Portable

VLC Media Player can play any video format and DVDs, VCDs. This portable software is quite bulky at around 16MB. You can place it in USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, CD etc and can use it on the go to play any video format.
Download VLC Media Player Portable

Winamp portable (Winamp Lite)

If you are a music addict chances are you like Winamp. No there is a portable version of Wiamp Player called Winamp Lite that you can carry in a USB, CD and other portable drives. Have a look on these instructions when going through the portable installation process.
Download Winamp Portable (Winamp Lite)

Mozilla Firefox 3 Portable

Yes there is now a Mozilla Firefox Portable edition so you can take your bookmarks, extensions and saved passwords with you. This portable edition does not leave any personal information on machine. So take this Firefox Portable with you in a USB or other portable hard disk, use it as you go for web browsing and leave no important information behind.
Download Firefox 3 Portable

Winrar Portable

Winrar is best compression tool and is now available as portable (Winrar Unplugged). It works without installation on USB/Flash drives, external hard disks. You can use Winrar portable everywhere Windows is available and Winrar Unplugged is available in 7 international languages.
Download Winrar Portanle

MSN 8.5 Portable

MSN 8.5 Portable is a lite and easy version of MSN 8.5 and has all features of normal MSN messenger 8.5. You can use it on all computers from a USB device or flash disk without installing it. Now you do not have to worry if MSN is banned in school or office. Take this portable version in a thumb drive and you have MSN in your pocket to use. It includes displays pictures, nudge, emoticons and all other features of regular messenger.
Download MSN Messenger 8.5 Portable