Change Windows XP Login Screen


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Seeing same Welcome screen every time logging in Windows XP makes you sick. It is easy to get rid of welcome screen and use direct login feature but for multi-user computer this welcome screen works as login portal and is not possible to disable. There is a simple way to change this welcome screen and here is how you can do it.
Change Windows Login Screen

To begin, make sure you have enabled “use welcome screen” option in Control Panel > User Accounts > Logon and Logoff options.
Now there are two simple methods to change Windows login screen.

Method 1

Follow these steps to change the welcome screen using method 1.

  • Make a copy of C:Windowssystem32logonui.exe
  • Rename your new login screen to logonui.exe
  • Overwrite the existence logonui.exe file with new one.

It is that simple to do and you made change successfully.

Method 2

The second tip is using Registry and is easy to do as well, follow these steps for this method.

  • Copy the login screen that you want to display under C:Windowssystem3 (Give it any name like logonuiA.exe)
  • Go to Start > Run > type “regedit
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersion > Winlogon and change the value for UIHost to logonuiA.exe.

So this was second method to change Windows (Login) welcome screen.

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