Hide and Lock Folders With Password In Windows


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If you want to lock or hide private folders in Windows, you do not really need a software to do this. There are quite a few softwares to hide or lock folders but it can be done easily without downloading and installing software. So here is an easy method to do this without using any software. Follow these steps
  • Download this notepad file or copy following code in a notepad file.
  • Write the password by replacing the text “type your password here”.
  • Save this file as XYZ.bat (Try this if you do not know how to change extension of a website).
  • Close the file and double click XYZ.bat
  • It will create a new folder called “Locker” automatically. This folder will be in same folder as the original XYZ.bat file.
  • Place the content inside Locker folder and double click XYZ.bat. It will ask you if you want to lock, say ‘Y’ and your folder will disappear.
  • To view folder again double click XYZ.bat and enter the password (The same password that you wrote in code file).

This is easy tip to hide and lock your private folders that you do not want to share other users of same computers. The folder will be invisible to other users and even if they click your XYZ.bat file, they will have to provide password to access the folder content because it s locked and secured.

from pakblogger