How To Install New Fonts In Windows Vista


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Windows Vista already comes with loads of fonts but if you wish to install some new fonts that you like, there is an easy method to do so. Install stylish and customised fonts in Windows Vista using the following method.

  • Go to Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Fonts
  • You will get to system’s fonts folder. Right click in the folder and click add fonts. A popup will come up that will allow installing new fonts.
  • Using the drop down menu at Drives and Networks, select the folder where new fonts are copied.
  • There are different formats of font files including Type1, True Type or Open Type.
  • If there are font files in the folder in these formats, they will be listed under ‘List Of Fonts’.
  • You can preview fonts by highlighting, click the font that you want to install and press Install.
  • Make sure ‘copy fonts to fonts folder’ is selected so you can manage all fonts easily.

Use this easy way to install new fonts in Windows Vista easily.