How To Make USB Drive Bootable


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USB drives and portable disks are more in than Floppy drives and CDs these days. So here is a short tutorial on how you can make a USB drive or a portable drive a bootable disk to rescue system and run your System (Windows) without a floppy or CD disk.
Follow these steps to make USB drive bootable

  • Download two files ‘Command File’ and ‘HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool’.
  • Make a folder with name ‘BOOT’ and extract the file ‘Command’ in BOOT folder.
  • Now install the other utility (HP USB Disk Storage Format).
  • Open installed utility (HP USB Disk Storage Format) and in ‘Device’ filed select device that you want to make bootable (USB drive etc) Also check the option ‘Create A DOS Startup Disk’.
  • Now press the browse button to locate the BOOT folder and hit the Start button.

These simple steps will make your USB drive (or any other portable drive) a bootable drive. To use this bootable drive on any computer always go to Bios Setting to select USB drive as ‘First Boot Device’.