Convert Text into Voice for Free


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vozMe is a useful web application for those who are in the road of learning Spanish, Italian or English language. It converts words written by user in the website into audio in mp3 format, and users are able to choose which language to use.


While it can be used as a method for most of us to check our pronunciation in certain language, for blogging I see it as a way of expressing your emotion insignificantly.

Tutorials were provided in the website for webmasters who want to add the generated voice to their websites that use Wordpress cms or Blogger (Blogspot) as the platform.

Basically for a Wordpress user, for all the reasons you want to add the voice all you have to do is to use the VozMe plugin.

Download the plugin from Vozme’s website, upload it to your Wordpress plugin folder, and activate it. Then, go to the option tab to select settings based on your preference.