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Today I searched my own blog address in Google to view websites which have linked to it. To my surprise, from the result pages I found someone has scanned my site with McAfee SiteAdvisor for potential spyware or other potentially unwanted programs, not quite the search result I expected I’d say.

The security report stated that mine was safe from threats though there are annoyances reported which cannot be avoided when you have ads in your blog.

So out of curiousity I checked out other website scanning report, such as we all visit. Oddly, there are some programs offered to be download at reported to contain viruses and spyware which were detected by the site advisor. Wow! software downloads at are not safe?


The similar result received by which claim to be free from threats for their software downloads.


A Softpedia staff replied to the matter by stating that they cannot control software developers who updated their listing by not informing them the changes of their software.


A commenter replied to the issue suggesting people to scan for the software developer homepage instead to detect for potential threats before downloading the software they desire. A smart move indeed!

::Internet Browsers Integration::

Apparently, there are internet browsers implementation developed by McAfee for the site advisor utility and they are free. Now you can be informed of dangerous websites all the time while browsing the internet. Visit to scan websites for unwanted threats and equip your computer with the security tool.